How Unio works

You can have a note asking a friend to cancel your online services or have your mom make sure your kids have access to the money saved for college.
Everyone's life is different, so we built a way for you to organise your documents and notes the way you want it.
You can choose to share a certain note only in case of your death, emergency or just anytime. It's really up to you.

Other things you will find useful

We have spent hours with our users to identify which features are critical. Here are some of them, but we are constantly adding more.
Document storage (Coming soon)
You can upload different files, such as passport scans or legal documents, especially the ones that come in digital form.
Minimalistic interface
We are keeping the interface clean, minimalistic and intuitive, so that a person of any age can quickly figure out.
Across borders
Unio is especially handy when your family doesn't live in the same city or if you have a travel emergency.
(Kind of) Works on any device
You can access your account on mobile or tablet, when you need to quickly update something or look up a certain file.
Test Unio for free,
keep it if you like.
60-day free trial and then $24/year
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